Truth is, you're sick of thinking about what to eat. You get so overwhelmed with all the things you know you “should” be doing that you end up feeling incapacitated.

You long to glorify God in your eating, but you have no idea where to start and you’re afraid to fail again.

You’ve not given up on being your best self, but it seems like the harder you try, the further you are from your goals.

I get it...I was there too.

What if your body could be a blessing instead of a burden?

What if getting dressed wasn’t about scrutinizing your shape, but slipping on your clothes to prepare for the call that God has on your life?

That's the kind of encouragement and help you'll find here at Grace Filled PlateBy being a part of this community, you'll learn how to live, think, eat, and move IN God’s grace.

And, that grace– it'll make you healthier and happier than you ever thought possible!

Imagine knowing what God has for your health and fitness– You won’t be swayed by the latest diet fads; you’ll rest in quiet confidence that you are doing your right thing.

That's my story...

"I may as well eat."

I stood staring into the fridge. My eyes scanned for something, really anything sweet, to eat. I hadn’t planned on eating that granola bar and now it felt too late. My eating day was “ruined” and I figured that I may as well keep going and start fresh tomorrow.

I knew the truth. My tomorrows looked a lot like my tonight.

“I may as well keep eating," I sighed in disappointment (with a side of relief).

But, then something clicked.

What happened next didn’t change my world...but my world began to change.

I shut the door and walked away.

I will never forget that moment. It was the first time that I showed myself grace in my eating and that grace– it changed EVERYthing.

And GRACE can do the same for YOU

Despite what you've been told, true physical health is not found at the end of a diet. You have a spirit, soul, and body– to focus primarily on the external robs you of the true transformation God has for you.

Striving for perfect adherence, labeling food as “good” or bad," and that stinkin’ all-or-nothing thinking will leave you feeling helpless to change. But, a transformation is possible (and very likely!) when you change how you think about food.

When you accept that food is not the problem, then you can find The Solution.

And that is why I created Grace Filled Plate

I know you are probably nervous and excited to step away from the diet mentality (you know it doesn’t work but at least it’s familiar). Rest assured, you won’t find any hard, fast rules here.

Rather, I am only going to ask you to :

  • Pause, think, and chew on what you read here.
  • Step away from diet-induced self-judgment and look at your life as an observer (so you can learn from your mistakes and victories).
  • Begin to ditch the negative self-talk because it is what has kept you stuck.

And finally-- give yourself a TON of grace.

You won’t change overnight (I sure haven’t), and allowing yourself to make mistakes will actually speed up the change process.

Because that day I shut the refrigerator door, I put a stake in the sand of perfectionism. I allowed myself to be human, to be less than perfect, and to LET one granola bar be better for me than an entire box.

And that is the path to your goals.

Who am I to help?

I have been a personal trainer and nutrition coach for 10 years. I've trained and coached hundreds of women and helped them find peace with food as they reach their true goals. You can see my education and features below.

  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Association of Sports Medicine
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist, American Council on Exercise
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist, National Association of Sports Medicine
  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise Certification, American Council on Exercise
  • Precision Nutrition, Level One Certified
  • Nutritional Therapy Consultant, Nutritional Therapy Association

At Grace Filled Plate, you'll find:

  • Simple, healthy changes you can start making today, so that you will feel empowered instead of overwhelmed.
  • Encouragement to look beyond “what you eat,” so that you can uncover your true cravings and find better solutions for yourself.
  • Resources to help you reach your health and fitness goals while finding food freedom and contentment in your own skin.
  • A faith-filled focus that will keep pointing your eyes to Christ, the source of your strength and author of your change.

How your support of Grace Filled Plate gives back!

By being a part of Grace Filled Plate, you’re a part of something more. Thanks to you and your support, I’m thrilled to announce that Grace Filled Plate is now giving 15% of all profits to missions, including the women’s sewing ministry in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican is the 3rd largest human trafficking industry in the world. By teaching these women a way to provide for themselves and their children and showing them their worth and value in Jesus Christ, they’re equipped to withstand the pull of this horrific industry.

Learn more about this wonderful ministry

Learn how ladies just like you are finding PEACE with food!

Thank you for your help and input! We are going to be rejoicing in heaven together. Your investment in my life through this blog is going to free me in this area. All the things he’s called me to do, I know having a healthy relationship with my body and food is so important. So I thank you, with all of my heart. - Megan H. 

"I have so many good things to say to Grace Filled Plate and about you but I only have so much time to write! But I just want you to know I have been following you on your website and by email for a little over a year and I am so thankful that I stumbled upon your website!! I look forward to your next email with excitement! You have helped me so much and just as you said you would you have brought me so much closer to God than I ever have been!! God bless you for all your time and efforts to help people and show them a better way!!!" -Crystal H.

Brandice, I’m so thankful for you. I have been so blessed by this journey. You have designed it in a way that teaches me how to do this in my own way with God. Rather than just giving the “answers” you’ve asked beautiful and intentional questions to help me find my own answers….truly teaching a man to fish- or a woman to eat! - Jen M.

"The resources provided on Grace Filled Plate are helping me to experience true freedom from worldly food rules and being obsessive about my weight and body image." -Barb R. 

"The encouragement I found on Grace Filled Plate helped me to see that I had become a slave to food and had made it my god. That it wasn't just a bad habit, but rather a pattern of sin in my life that was keeping me literally apart from God. Thanks for calling it what it really is so that I could SEE finally the truth again. With this recognition, I was almost instantly set free from these habits and patterns. Now when the urge hits me, the distastefulness of sin and that separation from God repulses me from binging as I did before. Thank you, Brandice - you have been used greatly to lift my eyes up again to the One who is faithful and worthy!" - Julia, Germany

I found Grace Filled Plate back in January of this year (2019). From the minute I found it, I knew I was home. So much information and help, and all God-focused, which is what I was looking for. I love Grace Filled Plate and Brandice and thank God for leading me to them!" -Ginger P.

"It's like Brandice is speaking right to me. She gently, steadily offers me the tools I need to get past the challenges I've been fighting for 20 years. No more fad diets (failed attempts to change my lifestyle) or crazy approaches. Just grace-soaked Biblical truth and practical steps to a life of freedom. This is what I've been missing for so long, and I'm so thankful to have found her." -Lisa T. 

"With the insight from Grace Filled Plate and through the Scriptures given about self-control, by allowing God to take over my lifestyle/eating, I've lost 14 pounds in the last 8 months. I've also kept it off!" - Courtney S.

"Grace Filled Plate reminds me that only when I focus on God -- not diet, exercise, the scale or anything in between -- can I change harmful old habits and establish new ones that help me better care for the body God gave me in order to serve Him. It's easy to get caught up in the latest diet fad, but GFP gives me the courage to say no to what has never worked long term in favor of freedom that is harder won but far more lasting and meaningful. Brandice has a God-given gift for teaching how to break free of the bondage of health struggles and excels at cheering others along in their journeys." -Tricia O.

"I appreciate that I can come to Grace Filled Plate and connect with other women who have similar struggles. As a stay at home mom, that can sometimes be difficult! I love reading how the Lord is working their lives as I share mine." - Ashley M. 

"I love the emails that I receive and it is helping me to live a better life. Thank you!" - Jessica R