Stop the negative self-talk, start finding your worth in Christ, and watch your body transform!

Body Image Makeover will uncover the lies you've been believing about your worth and value and teach you how to take better care of yourself, starting with your self-talk.

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Body Image Makeover will uncover the lies you've been believing about your worth and value and teach you how to take better care of yourself, starting with your self-talk.

It’s hard to overcome a negative body image, even even though deep down you know the Lord calls you to love what you see in the mirror.

Shopping for clothes feels unbearable. Holidays combine joy and shame as you cherish seeing loved ones but feel ashamed by your weight and failure to control your eating habits.

And even if you know every scripture about your worth and value in Christ–

It can feel impossible to saturate your mind with The Truth when media messages are flying like a wall of arrows from the world around you.

You know what the Bible says about you; you know you were made in the image of God and just want to honor Him. You know God has so much more for you than counting every calorie and still never feeling like you measure up…but you have no idea how to overcome the voices in your head telling you you’re simply not good enough.

So, you keep attempting to "fix" your faulty thinking by trying to change your body, hoping that losing weight will be the key to walking free & finally loving the body you’re in.

But, every time you try a new diet, you end up with an even more rocky relationship with food and your body. 

Nothing seems to fill the void your body image leaves in your heart.

The "solution" (going on yet another diet) is looking like a BIG part of the problem. 


I know you're wondering...

  • Why does body image have such a vice grip on you?
  • Is there any hope to find peace and freedom while also honoring God with your body & living a healthy life?

It’s time to get to the root of your body image issues.

Introducing Body Image Makeover!

With Body Image Makeover, you'll heal your relationship with your body so that you finally have the mental space and energy to make the healthy changes you've been longing for! 

I believe in this program and KNOW that the Lord will do great things for you through it. That's why I'm reducing the price so that everyone can participate.



Did you know that ditching negative self-talk can eliminate the binging and emotional eating (in-between alllll the diet fads) that hold you captive?

Imagine how things would change if:

  • You stopped letting the scale dictate your mood, reactions, and eating choices.
  • You'd be more consistent and finally see the progress you've been longing for.
  • You stopped measuring yourself by the world's values and found your worth in the Word of God.
  • You'd stop wavering between truth and lies and find peace in your self-perception.
  • You chose gratitude for all you do have instead of criticism for what you think you lack.
  • You'd start to tune out the negative as your eyes are drawn to the positive!

The JOY of the LORD is your strength and the power behind your transformation!



Be a part of the Body Image Makeover movement!

Take back the territory the enemy has stolen from you and let Christ invade every inch of your life - even the spaces you’ve been embarrassed to show.

So, what's inside?

Here's what you'll get with your Body Image Makeover Course:  

An 11-lesson course with text and audio recordings and a 12-page workbook that'll guide you on a journey from broken to whole.

  • Connect with what you love and admire in others so that you can stop being hypocritical toward yourself
  • Understand what best qualifies you for service so that you can pursue what matters most
  • See the link between your negative self-talk and your day-to-day diet struggles, and use that knowledge to inspire immediate change! 
  • Separate truth from lies and get CLEAR on whose voice you're listening to!
  • Purposefully create a plan to combat the lies and replace them with the truth of God's Word. 
  • Discover practical tips to guard your heart and mind, and find the "lightness" you're craving. 


AKA: Super special extras that you don't want to miss!

🥳 BONUS #1: Breaking Up with the Scale Workshop ($9.97 value)

Can the scale make or break your day?

Can a "good" or "bad" weigh-in send you to the fridge? (Think about that one.)

In this short workshop, you'll learn about the pros and cons of weighing yourself and determine your very own approach to the scale.

You'll walk away feeling lighter as you'll have a clear plan on how to measure your progress!

🥳 BONUS #2: "That's just what I needed!" Video Library ($9.97 value)

These 6 short videos will offer you the encouragement you need–when you need it most.

  • Let's Get Going!
  • Why Contentment Matters
  • Weight and Worthiness
  • What are you waiting for?
  • When Gratitude is HARD
  • How to Keep the Peace

Consume them in little bites or enjoy them all at once!

🥳 BONUS #3: Renewing Your Mind Action Kit ($4.97 value)

Do you struggle to imagine how you're actually going to change your thoughts about your body?

With this Action Kit, you'll be prepared to fight those negative thoughts that sideline you.

Train your mind for a Body Image Makeover! 💪

🥳 BONUS #4: How to Heal Your Body Image for the Health of Your Marriage Workshop ($9.97 value)

Bad body's more than just in your head. It overflows into how you think, act, and treat others, including those you love the most.

Getting wrapped up in worldly ideals can wreak havoc on your marriage.

In this insightful workshop, you'll discover how to start making small steps toward finding joy in your body, so that joy can overflow into every relationship in your life.

Get an inside look...

Are YOU ready?

Find peace and joy when you believe your value IN CHRIST.

Being familiar with the Word is amazing but what if you believed what the Bible said about YOU?

It would change everything...



My Promise to You...

My heart is to help you taste the freedom that God has for you while growing closer to Him. I'm so confident that this product bundle will help you do just that, that I offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee! 

Use it for 30 days and if you're not happy with the changes in how you think and feel, simply email [email protected] for a full refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the Body Image Makeover course for?  

A: This course is created for the Christian woman who is sick of feeling uncomfortable in her own skin and who realizes that the world's ways are not working for her.

✔️ Body Image Makeover is FOR you if:

  • You've ever eaten because of a bad weigh-in.
  • You've ever eaten in response to a good weigh-in.
  • Thinking about your shape/size sometimes just makes you want to eat

❌ Body Image Makeover is NOT for you if:

  • You're fully content in your body.
  • You never glamorize losing weight (i.e. if I lost weight I'd be president).
  • You eat according to hunger and fullness, period.

Q: What if I have weight to lose? Shouldn't I wait to do this course?

A: I get's scary to think of "accepting" your body when you have weight to lose. But, consider how being unkind to ourselves has worked thus far. If you're reading this, I'm guessing that negative self-talk has not been beneficial.

It turns out that when we start thinking of ourselves as the LORD does, we start to treat ourselves better. This includes better eating and exercising habits.

In light of this, I consider Body Image Makeover a prerequisite to any dietary changes.

Q: What if I don’t have much time to spend on it right now?

A: No problem at all! Slow and steady truly wins the race here. Body Image Makeover will teach you an entirely new way of thinking about your body and it takes t-i-m-e for these truths to sink in, so there's no rush or timeline you have to follow.

Q: What happens after I buy?  

A: After you purchase Body Image Makeover, you'll receive a receipt, a "thank you" email from me with details on how to get started; and if you're new to learning with Grace Filled Plate, an email with your log-in credentials to the course (this final email may take up to 30 minutes to arrive).

If you don't see the email, please check your spam. If you used your PayPal account, be sure to check that email address as well.